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Mostly all of my life, nope, I take that back, all of my life, I've been a to myself kinda girl, my mom used to tell me, it's a trait from being an only child, that's probably true. My manager's told me, I should create a blog on my website, Rossville Films, I said, that's probably true too, so I did that. I said I'd title this observation of mine, "Making it". First, I have seen, no witnessed, people wish death upon a person, versus seeing them make it! Happy to see a RIP post about them! I have witnessed one person, tell another person, slim said abc about you, just so uvw and xyz wouldn't be friends again, AND IT WORKED! This is just the beginning of my blog, "Making It", I'll see you all when we get there! Amen and Amen😏

"When I Grow Up" Documentary Review

How dare anyone, tell a mother, not to cry behind the death of her son? "When I Grow Up" Documentary speaks with three mothers who have lost their sons to senseless gun violence; their memories of their sons and all of the things they still wanted to do in life was shared. It is a crazy world we are living in now. Be it 7, 17, 27, 37 years old, death cared nothing about a number....but there was still so much life to live. This Documentary premiering April 27, 2019, was dedicated to the wonderful man, Nipsey Hussel.


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